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Company profile

of Beta-Matik Engineering Ltd.

Beta-Matik Engineering Ltd. was established by two Hungarian natural persons in May 1993, but it had been operating as a small business enterprise prior to the setting up of the limited liability company since 1983.

The main business objective of Beta-Matik Engineering Ltd. is to manufacture sophisticated and technically complex single purpose-machines and small-lot products, and to carry out innovative engineering and development work on the basis of customer's requirements, sample pieces or individual designs or plans. The realisation of a particular task or project includes planning, execution, test running and servicing. The planning and production of machines take place in compliance with the ISO 9001:2001 and AQAP2110:2003 (MIL) quality assurance standards. Béta-Matik Engineering Ltd. specialises in manufacturing single-purpose machines; the automation and production of metal structures, gates and garage doors; sheet-metal working and the manufacturing of lift cages and different parts for elevators.

Single-purpose machines:

  • food processing equipments and complete technological production lines and equipment,
  • single-purpose machines and measuring equipment for the industry,
  • precision engineering, cutting and other processing tools and equipment,
  • geophysical research probes and surface data processing instruments,
  • automatic equipment for large-scale production,
  • laboratory equipment and instruments,
  • special equipment and instruments for the military.
Customer reference:
    Stollwerck Budapest Ltd., (H+D), Fundy Ltd.(D), Van Melle.(USA), Eisberg Ltd.(CH), PEZ-Haas Hungária(A), (Kludi GmbH.'s supplier), Kerox GmbH.(A), Coca-Cola Beverages(USA), MOL Co. Ltd.(H), Ganz Measuring Equipment Ltd., (Slumberger(F)), EMT Hungária Ltd.(F),Vishay Hungary Ltd.(USA), Research Institute for Defence Technology(H), Gödöllő Engineering Works, former Precision Mechanical Works, etc.

Metal structures:

  • Industrial scaffolding, steel structures, industrial gates, ramps, garage doors, winged and sliding garden gates, doors, the automatization of doors with Beta-Matik's specially designed machines and controlls.
Customer reference:
    Industrial plants, banks (Budapest Bank, Hungarian Commerce and Credit Bank), foreign embassies and consulates, the Hungarian military, Metro, Strabag, Hungarian Cable Works, Agip Hungária, shopping centres, condominiums and private persons.

Sheet-metal working:

  • Lift cages and parts for passenger and cargo elevators, special metal sheets, casing and plates.
Customer reference:
    Schindler Hungária Ltd., Eurolift Ltd., Hungarian Elevator factory Co. Ltd., etc.

Planning and development:

  • The complete planning and the preparation of full documentation for the above mechanical and electric equipment in CAD.

Company staff: Special fields and skills:
Degree in higher education: 4 pers. Electronics - complete control systems (hardware and software)
Secondary education: 10 pers. Mechanical engineering - production of mechanical parts and units
Vocational training (skilled workers): 11 pers. Hydraulics - pneumatics - automation
Fitting work
Sheet-metal working
Planning and development (CAD), manufacturing, installation and servicing is carried out in all the fields enlisted above.

Planning capacity:       6.000 hours / year
Production capacity:    60.000 hours / year

Beta-Matik owns an area of 700 m2 in Budapest. The manufacturing and servicing workshop can be equipped with cranes.
The production equipment consists of traditional metal cutting machines and the necessary tools, measuring and controlling equipment and other special instruments.

Beta-Matik started the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality assurance system in 1998 and was first audited in 1999. In the year 2003 he audited the AQAP 2110 (MIL/NATO) system also.
Beta-Matik's highly experienced and committed experts and staff always welcome new challenges and particularly those customers who have special needs and demands, require high-standard, sophisticated and reliable services in the above fields and look for new ways of co-operation.

If you would like to contact us, please phone or send a fax or an e-mail (info@betamatik.hu) and we will answer your inquiries without delay.

Tel/fax: 00-36-1-477 0496
Tel/fax: 00-36-1-477 0497

Peter Kreisz
Managing director